STAY AWAY: State Farm Bank

State Farm Bank for many years was a fine online banking institution.  They changed their online logon procedures and I have more or less permanently lost my ability to log on.  The online form gives you three attempts before it locks out your account.  The customer service gives you two attempts to reset the password and then they refuse to deal with you any more.

My name is Matthew Dean Martin and I approve of this message: “DON’T BANK WITH STATE FARM” They’re security is so f*cked up you will never be able to access your account online.  For a bank that doesn’t have real bank branches and only has insurance sales offices, this is a serious problem.

I am a software development profession and I type passwords all f*cking day. If I can’t get though the logon system, that doesn’t mean it is secure, it means it is broken.

When I moved my money out of State Farm, it was a lot of money.  They now have $5.00 of my money and the sure as hell won’t let me look at it or tell me if I have a 1099 form.

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