News: Mind so fuzzy

Swedish. Organized another Swedish Meetup.  I can’t really speak it or understand it, but I can hear the difference between people who speak it well and people who don’t speak it so well.  Previously it all sounded the same.  It is progress of a not very useful sort.

I’ve written a formal petition to to have them create an Icelandic Language special interest group. If they don’t respond, I’ll start a letter writing campaign.  If they are going to have useless groups like the “Bjork” and “Sigur Ros” groups, they can certainly add the more useful “Icelandic Language” group.  I mean, how many times can you meet to discuss Bjork and Sigur Ros?
Russian. I went to Brickskillers for the Russian conversational event.  It is also an excuse for drinking cheap Viking bear.   It is so frustrating to have invested so many hours into studying a language and to still sound like a brain damaged monkey.  The jet lag isn’t helping.

Work. Work continues to be surreal and Kafkaesque.  I forgot my security tag at home, didn’t realize it until I was half way to the office, went back to retrieve it, went to work…retrieved my calendar that I left at my other office at the end of the day…I have spent the whole @#$@% day commuting.  I’m seriously considering doing a job search.

Fuzzy Mind. And at about 4:00 every day, my mind goes to sleep.

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