Day 3 & 4

Day three, we went to the tourist agency and booked tickets for the rest of the week– a good thing since everything except tourist centric companies are closed most of the rest of the week for Easter.  Son was really really difficult, so we took time out for a nap.  Then we went swimming.

Today was the Golden Circle– Gullfoss (Gold water falls) and Thinigvellir (the open air campsite for the old Icelandic parlament).  Gullfoss was very windy.  The paths were iced over completely– while unlikely that we’d slide into the canyon, it was very difficult to walk on it.  We went to Geysir and saw a geysir erupt.  We bought souvenirs.

We watched half an Icelandic movie– I’m impressed with my ability to pick out a word or two every other minute.  My progress with my Donald Duck comic book is slow but measurably positive.

Tomorrow…horse riding.  If today is any indication– it will be very, very cold.  Matthew Martin-sicle on a horse. 

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