Day Two in Reykjavik: Donald Duck will bankrupt me

Coffee, toast with strawberry jam, cucumber slices, musli, cheese. Yum.  I wonder if the locals actually eat this sort of breakfast, or if this is just a ‘continental breakfast’ for hotel guests.
The National Museum
We went to the excellent national museum.  I was tremendously excited that with the help of the dual language English/Icelandic exhibit descriptions I could read some Icelandic and learn some words.  Our trip was cut short by hunger and my son’s hiking shoes disintegrating–the sole started to fall off.

Donald Duck- Pylsuhejran (Hotdog hero)
I am reading Donald Duck comic books.  A laborious process, but one with rapid a return on effort.  The newspaper on the other hand is a laborious process with slow returns. The word hotdog-hero is not in any Icelandic dictinary, yet they use it.

Went to Kringlan, the largest shopping mall (and probably only one of two shopping centers big enough to call a mall).  Bought lots more cheap dairy, expensive Donald Duck comic books (including a double–oops), thought about buying a phone that would work with the local phone system but at $67, I decided it would be a flagrant waste of money, since in a few days I won’t need it.  An extra laptop would have been handy though.

Icelandic Language Books
I finished reading “Teach yourself Icelandic.” It was a good book because the pace of new material starts out slower than “Colloquial Icelandic”. At the end of the book the author moves rapidly through a lot complicated rules and tables of conjugations and declensions.  I’m not entirely convinced that conjugated languages are best learned the same way as times tables.  It isn’t a scientific preference, but I seem to learn better by seeing a sample sentence, then making a similar sentence (model + exercise).  “Learning Icelandic,” the book I bought so far uses this technique a lot.

Using Technology
I’m so impressed with my progress with “Before You Know It” vocabulary drill software, I’m kind of disappointed that I don’t have a word set drill for each chapter– it would be a nice way to prepare.  My iPod keeps getting the language stuff out of order (when I transfer the book audio clips to my iPod).  The trick to fixing sort order is to sort it and right click “Copy to Play order” after fixing the sort in iTunes.

Random Bus Trip
We took a random bus trip and ended up in Hafnarfjörður.  We could have continued and gone to Ikea, but we didn’t– it was too late.  Instead we ate rye pancakes with Easter Ale, then went to the coffee at this place. (Finally, internet maps for Iceland! Took me forever to find them.) Here is the coffee shop’s web page.

Then we ran to the swimming pool, boiled for a while, practice breast stroke, goofed off, ran home.  And then I wrote a blog entry.  Then I wrote the previous sentence.  [repeat].

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