Wine: Australian Pinot Noir

This has already been written about elsewhere and elsewhere.

The first glasses were better than the last.  It takes me about two or so weeks to finish a bottle of wine.  I got this one from my family in Ohio.

It did taste like red wine.
It uses a fake cork.

It didn’t taste like tempranillo, not that I expected it to. 

I recommend this wine with spicy vegetarian hot wings.

In comparison to the $20 Bordeaux I took to the book club, this wine had some weird chemicals in it, where the Bordeaux didn’t.

Advice to me.
I wine needs to be good enough to incite me to drink a glass a day or it will get too old like this one.  The wisdom of the crowds says wine lasts only about a week after it is open, maybe less. Some common rules of thumb for open wine: 2 days, 7 days unrefrigerated.  30 days refrigerated.  Longer for white.  Don’t forget you’ll need to warm up a red wine before drinking it.

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