The Coffee Maker: A Critique

My Krupp’s espresso coffee maker has been working for about 15 years.  After ragnarök, all that will be left in my apartment will be cockroaches drinking coffee from my Krupp’s espresso machine.

Electricity. Someone somewhere did a review of environmentally friendly coffee machines.  Outside of the cold coffee and cold coffee devices, coffee machines mostly use the same amount of energy– they all need to boil water.  Coffee machines do fail in the area of knowing when to turn themselves off.  A coffee machine should know it should be off in five minutes no matter what, preferably off as soon as the water reservoir is empty and certainly not be allowed to be on all night.  A coffee machine should not let itself be turned on without any water at all in the reservoir.  Both of these catastrophic wastes of electricity have happened to me before with this machine.

And my drip coffee machines at the office that has a hot plate could use some intelligence, too.  They should be off when the coffee pot is empty and no hot plate should keep coffee warm more than one or two hours.  In the future, I prognosticate, coffee machines without the sensors and programmable controllers will become false economy. 

Coffee Waste.  The energy savings from cleverly designed water boilers is nothing compared to the amount of energy the entire economy saves by reducing the amount of wasted coffee.  Getting the ratios of coffee to water should be something that happens by default, not something that happens after reading the instructions.  For example, a 10 cup pot coffee usually comes with a bag of coffee that recommends x scoops per y cups of coffee.  Again, leaving out the programmable controls and sensors, we tend to waste coffee by making too much, making coffee too weak and pitching it, making too strong coffee, diluting it and having to reheat it again.

Cardamom.  Another thing, my coffee machine can’t deal with ground cardamom mixed with the grounds. Some of the best coffee to be had is ground coffee with ground cardamom pods.  The cardamom jams the metal bin’s holes and causes steam to start escaping from the wrong end of the espresso machine. This also has the interesting implication that cardamom coffee can turn my espresso machine into a water pressure bomb, if I can tighten the lid tight enough.

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