There is English in it, but it still doesn’t make any sense

I saw this Swedish video where the journalist rapidly switches back and forth between Swedish and English.  Understanding the English was completely useless to me. Og du?

One thought on “There is English in it, but it still doesn’t make any sense

  1. I think you mean ‘Och du?’ Og is Danish and/or Norwegian.

    There’s too much in this video for me to be able to translate it all (and a lot of it is inside jokes for swedes anyway).
    A summary

    The first scene is basically a list of people who have slept with swedish women (including a joke about Tiger Woods and 18 holes)
    tjej = girl
    grej = thing
    vakrast = most beautiful
    världen = the world
    legat med en svenska tjej = slept with a swedish girl

    The next scene he complains about how swedish women say they want a man who shows his feelings, but then they go to greece and find an apelike man who treats them like crap.
    killar = guys
    vissa känslor = show feelings
    konstig = strange
    grekland = Greece
    hårig apa = hairy ape
    behandla = treat
    skit = crap
    forvirande = confusing

    The rest of the video he talks about the different kinds of girls and how to pick them up
    söder tjej = southern girl
    knulla = screw
    tvartom-språk = opposite-speak
    bestick = cutlery
    på en gong = at once
    hår under armarna = hair under the arms
    Göteborg tjej = gothenburg girl
    kort tjej = short girl
    praktisk = practical
    bor trångt = live in a cramped space
    gamla tjej = old girl
    sexti-talet = the sixties (the decade)

    The conclusion is more of the same.
    utlanska brudar = foreign girls