News: Another busy weekend zooms past

VSDC. I went to the VSDC dinner night.  I watched some of season 7 of Red Dwarf.  And I can’t remember if I’ve already blogged this.

UU. Sunday I went to All Souls UU in DC.  Nice enough folk.  I lost my headphones. The full eulogy will be posted later.  I wanted to go to the potluck, but there simply wasn’t enough time to go back and forth from home to Columbia Heights twice in seven hours.

Moving. I seriously considering moving, but I don’t like DC all that much compared to Arlington and I don’t know enough about Maryland to have an opinion one way or the other.

Netflicks Streaming.  I have seen the future of movies and it is digital delivery.  The HD-DVD/BluRay battle was meaningless, people will get their movies across the internet by streaming and the format is irrelevant in the long run.  So far I’ve seen most of the Season 8 episodes of Red Dwarf.

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