News: Another weekend at home

(Anyone notice yet that if the post title starts with “News”, that you probably are in for an account of all the most quotidian things that just happened?)

This weekend I have custody, so my son and I hung out at home.

Games. I was planning to start a WoW, but the box hasn’t arrived at my place yet.  My son decided to play Rome Total War Barbarian Edition.  We watched the movie Conan the Destroyer to keep with the theme.  I had seen the movie myself as a child and of it I recognized about two jokes and not a bit of the plot.  Modern cinematography is destroying my enjoyment of classic films.  The visuals in Conan were amateurish compared to “300″ or “Troy”

Fitness. My knees are better but my middle finger got jammed playing basketball.  At least it isn’t broken.  I’m so far behind in Gym attendance, I think Gold’s must have gotten most of a month’s subscription from me without having to actually provide me with any services.  This will have to change.  A cheapskate is a dedicated client on fixed fee subscriptions.

My Media Stream. My ultramodern life is keeping awfully busy on the computer–it took a few hours to pick out a years worth of movies on netflicks, a few hours to list and pick books to sell and request on and bookmooch, and an hour to update my music inventory and wishlist.  On one hand on a per book/music CD/video basis I’m probably spending far less time and money that I ever have, but the volume of media I can move into and out of my house is way up.  Plus I’m in charge of managing my son’s media stream as well.

Cooking.  So far we’ve cook up chili (too spicy) and macaroni and cheese.

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