Game Review: World of Warcraft

I’m a MMO newbie, so that will probably explain a lot of my reactions. I’ve logged about three hours and I’m thinking MMOs have to be reviewed on at least 6 dimensions.

Graphics. Fantatisic graphics. I started blinking when the rain came down because that is what I do in real life if it is raining.

Gameplay. Not too bad, it did manage to keep me playing for longer than I expected. Exchanging blows as a battle mechanic is not that fun. The quests are short and easy, there appears to be some back story. I hope there is a novelization.

Camera. Moving the camera is sort of intuitive. I can tell this will be about as hard as learning to use a mouse in the first place. In all, I think either I’m getting better at driving the camera, or WoW has better camera UI than 2nd Life. Halo in comparison has limited camera. I didn’t like that I usually end up looking at the back of an avatar while it is beating up on some tiny creature.

Avatar Puppetry. Manipulating an avatar is tricky. WoW avatars have a wide range of actions, some of them important. 2nd Life avatars could do meaningless actions, in Halo, you interact with everything by shooting it.

Chat. Once I discovered you could use the /say (four clicks) instead of the six clicks to navigate to the whisper dialog box, I was less annoyed. Finding a person you know exists is tricky, I had to bounce around servers before I could find the person I was looking for. Just like in regular IM, people have multiple aliases and also just like regular IM, the services are Balkanized. I tried firing up voice chat during the game, but wasn’t successful. That is a post for another day.

Socializing. People behave like people on the Metro, not a lot of talking. However, with the game, you have to band together to progress in the game, so the incentives are much better in WoW.

And now I’m tired and I think the quality of this post show.

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