New Year’s Resolution

Despite a year being far too long for a planning horizon, I’m making some New Year’s Resolutions. A NY resolution in GTD parlance would be a ‘project’ and New Years is a good time for bumping those “maybe-someday” projects into reality.

Pass MS Professional Development Exams (x3). These are very handy for continued employment, which probably is the real goal.

Develop Leadership Skills. I plan to organize 40 Scandinavian language meet-ups this year. I also plan to promote an online community and calendar aggregator, Social Animals DC (SADC). My goal is 500 subscribers. Of all my projects, this the most ambitious and will push me the furthest outside of my comfort zone.

Become Charismatic, Likable. This is a very vague and fuzzy goal, but I’ll be following the specific advice of Tim Sanders’ Book “The Likeability Factor,” which by the way is a rather good book. Often these sorts of personal development type books can’t get beyond unscientific verbal metaphors, unscientific folk wisdom and advice that can’t be translated into action. However, Tim Sanders’ based his advice on real research and gives specific, actionable advice that doesn’t depend on pre-existing personality or charisma. I highly recommend the book.

Reach level 60 in World of WarCraft. This is a proxy for making time to have fun. 2007 saw me spending too much time spinning my wheels, neither having fun nor getting things done.

Meta-Resolutions. I resolve to maintain my calendar and to-do list. I resolve to revisit my resolutions and update them in three months. I resolve to avoid time sinks. If I can achieve this meta resolution, I think I will achieve the garden variety resolutions as a byproduct. My calendar already has entries for visiting the gym, spending time with family and professional development.

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