Website Reviews: 4 Online Dating Services

VeggieDate: $20 for the right to email 30 women. $$$ for the right to email 100s of women, of which many are inactive an unable to reply.  People write huge profiles.

Plenty of Fish in the Sea: Free for the right to email dozens of women.  People write very, very short profiles.

Its Just Coffee. Free for the right to email many women.  No clue on how many of these are active.

Both PoFitS and IJC are advertising driven–advertisments for other online dating services.  The business model implies most customers are not expected to succeed here alone and will click an ad to try out the competition of paid dating services.

Craiglist. Free for the right to email a dozen or so every day. People write very short profiles. Because ads get old and disappear, it is assumed that there is someone behind the post.  On the other hand, the ad is free. short and photo-less, so it is easy for people to post ads for other nefarious purposes, e.g. advertising commercial interests, etc.


Initial contact is online.  Spam is not romantic.  Any system based on spam is suboptimal at best, an abomination at worst.

Interview script.  The script is to meet at a safe public location and do an interview.  This is neither romantic or reflective of how real relationships form

Technological and pecuniary barriers.  When filtering for a prospective mate, I care more about health than other factors.  So a system that rewards people with the spare cash to subscribe and the technological wizardry to use a computer effectively will not serve me.

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