News: Went to Blogger’s meetup

Invisible blog post.  Scott Hanselman sez, don’t post bile. I’m not writing bile write now, but I don’t have anything good to say.  So it’s invisible blog post.

See, you can’t read this.

Went to blogger’s meetup, was not impressed with how the organization of the event worked out.  The event coincided with another meetup with overlapping audiences, so it didn’t become a blogger’s meetup until the other one left.  There were 20 yes RSVP– either there was a lot of dual yes RSVPs, a lot of no shows or people who showed, found one event, but not the blogger event and left.  Maybe this is what meetups are supposed to be about–spontaneous, unscripted gatherings of strangers, but I still worry about the wondering souls stills going table to table asking if this is the blogger’s meetup.

Note to self–if I ever become a meetup organizer again, don’t hold it right after another similar meetup unless it is the same event.

Here, proof that this sort of thing happens at events just like this one: the october blog happy hour (which I didn’t go to)

I did learn about blog fights. I’m still not sure what a blog fight is. It is supposed to be like fight club, I think, not a flame war.

I learned about making prank phone calls in person. It’s how extroverts get their kicks. There is also making obscene phone calls in person, it’s how crazy extroverted people get their jollies.

And I learned that Regional Food and Drink is a popular place for talking in sign language. I can understand why, I was there for more than an hour and I think I heard about 15 minutes of talk. Sigh. I’m not blogging bile, I’m blogging melancholy. Maybe tomorrow I’ll blog blood and phlegm instead.

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One thought on “News: Went to Blogger’s meetup

  1. I’ve been meaning to comment for a while, but things have been hectic …

    I was completely unaware of the OLPC event; I’ve added Ross’ DC tech events to my calendar to help keep track of such things. In the past, I’ve tried printing signs, but they were floppy since they were on regular letter paper; I should make a run to a shop and print something that stands up.

    I really screwed up this one, since I also forgot my “hello my name is” stickers and markers and a sign-in sheet (for later posting and connecting).

    Feel free to contact me directly with problems/suggestions/tomatoes. Oh, and there’s now a discussion about switching venues (again).