News: Studying Icelandic and more

Still grinding away at at Icelandic.  Progress so far: I can pick out the super common words in a news podcast.  I made a custom Before-You-Know-It (BYKI) word list.  The silent word lists are not nearly as useful as the ones with sounds, but I don’t know if I want to memorize my voice speaking Icelandic with a heavy American accent.  Need to find some Icelandic comics, I can see they exist somewhere… must find Andrés Önd!

Still grinding away at French. I’ve been using the BYKI cards for French, very helpful for pronunciation, somewhat helpful for my current level.  I can get the community cards and the sample cards. As far as I can tell to get the complete set of French cards I’d have to pay another $50.  I’m grinding through some very good french lesson podcasts, and haven’t tried a regular French podcast.  I am listening to French radio on my XM satellite radio.  I’ve jsut about finished my Donald Duck comic. I might be able to read it a few more times before it won’t hold my interest any more.

Still grinding away at Russian. Nastya FM is making a little bit more sense.  Nastya works for the Railroad in Russia, tells jokes, sings songs, reviews TV & filters through magazine articles.  She also says “pancake” a lot.  Радио Nastya-FM любит Вас!  I’ve started creating some BYKI flash cards for Russian. The hard work for any of these custom flash cards is putting together a theme.

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