Pros in the City Speed Dating

I went to a pro’s in the city event, 16 of the expected 20 people showed.  There wasn’t an age range advertised, so demographically we were all over the place, probably 22-to-45.  I was planning to check off everyone this time.    Half the women visibly didn’t write anything down.  There were two pairs of women where one was accompanying a friend.  In these cases usually one of the two is utterly uninterested in dating.  So I was only able to check off 6 out of 8.  Minus the two wing-women, that makes 4 out of 8.  If the yes-rate for an event like this is anything under 50% to 75%, my intuition says a mutual match is mind bogglingly unlikely.

Interestingly, some of the women out of this very small sample size were either very wealthy or seemed that way.

I’d rate the event: meh.  It was a lot of money to pay to be introduced to four random qualified women.

At least I’m slowly improving at the conversation thing.

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