News: So…Busy

Monday, Gym. Tuesday, Russian Cultural Center.  Wednesday, Brickskeller‘s Russian Conversation Group, Thursday PRMC volunteer event, Friday UU Fellowship X service and dinner, today Halloween Parties (two), tomorrow, Russian Language Meetup at Cozi.  It’s like a vacation to Moscow, but easier to find people who actually want to talk.

Nanowrimo is coming up again.  I will fail miserably at Nano again–too many social events happening in November–but I will probably try to go to a writing event or two.  I’ll probably resume writing on the train–I usually get about 100-200 words, so I might finish a whole chapter if I can keep from skipping around like I usually do.  Nanowrimo should be moved to September, when I tend to have my social calendar in complete disarray, but I’m not on Dad duty.

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