Dating: Speed Dating

Speed dating, as I’ve said before is a parlor game.  And this evening it was also a parlor game.  It was $15 and organized through Pro’s in the City, held at Stacy’s Coffee in Falls Church.  Excellent people, although the geographic spread was huge.  We had people from the outer Virginia suburbs to Baltimore.

Today I was practicing ‘fessing up to my status, a single dad with joint custody.  Ironically, in my effort to be utterly honest, I kept misstating my age as 33 instead of 34.

Demographically speaking, the only downside was that the group of people was 30-39, so the youngest guy and the oldest women will have the fewest matches.  I’m not sure if there is a mathematically optimal way to solve the problem, but if the age range was say, 35-45 for men and 30-40 for women, then the youngest guy and the oldest women would still be the right age for half the possible matches.

Advice I should remember: bring some canned questions that cover some real qualifying territory, concentrate on facial reactions, be meticulous in accounting. 

Also, research says when forced to make a quick decision, men fall back on quick evaluations of health and women fall back on quick evaluations of wealth. Now all I need to do is track down myself a nice loud wrist watch.

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