Politics: Prince William County Pulls Back From the Brink

Prince William County, Virgina decided that it did not want to revive Jim Crow, or at least not right now. The county board decided that rather that implement a racist and ill-spirited law that would cost a lot in terms of man power, they would defer the topic.

[Update, PWC did eventually follow through with passing the anti-immigration law and is working on enforcing it now]

Repression is not cheap. Let’s list the top ten costs that deterred PWC from going through with reducing themselves to laughing stocks:

1. $300,000 for armbands, one for each Real American

2. $1,600,000 for internment camps

3. $800 for discount army surplus Zyklon B (Ok, Godwin’s law. A better historical analogy would be the Ku Klux Klan, but WW2 Germans are funnier)

4. $1,800,000 for defense against state and federal constitutional challenge

5. $10,000 for the wrongful deportation of US citizens because they weren’t carrying their Real American badge and ID card

6. $800,000 to install additional water fountains and restrooms for Unverified Americans, also known as “Brown People”

7. $1,000,000 in overtime pay for police officers doing road blocks, perimeter checks and “Brown People” check points

8. $450,000 in lost tax revenue as fortune 500 companies pull out of Apartheid loving jurisdictions

9. $150,000 changing all the letterhead from Prince William County to People of White Color County

10. $15,000,000 building the great wall of Prince William County

And as a post script, I give you a new law, Matthew’s Law– the longer a discussion on how southern governments write laws targeting brown people, the higher the probability that some one will mention the Ku Klux Klan.

While I as a former resident of Prince William, I am happy to see Prince William pull back from the brink. When I lived in Prince William, a lot of people in my neighborhood were immigrants, went to school with my son and were my customers when I worked for the county.

The law that PWC tried to pass and uphold was not about highly technical issues of who should pay or who has jurisdiction for immigration. This is a matter of hate, racism, and the basest of human urges, the urge to destroy that which is not like them. Few dare to be blatant racists. Let us not allow thinly varnished racists try to ruin the United State of America–the most unique melting pot in the world, a place where you are in the club if you are here. We are *the* borg. We will assimilate. We will even assimilate the racists someday and transform them into real Americans.

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