E Trade Credit Card Rewards

The etrade credit card has a rewards system. Unfortunately, the online catalog is broken, unusable, crap. Fortunately, the web site and catalog can be avoided entirely:

To redeem points:

  • Call 1-800-250-7734
  • Tell them you want a statement credit, currently $50 per 5000 points

I have no idea if they have merchandise that translates to more than 1% money back, but to save myself the hassle of dealing with this program, I’m willing to take the risk.

The mcrewards.net program looks like a third party program. If any banks are considering using it, I recommend that they run the other direction, unless of course they despise their customers, which I suppose is not an uncommon sentiment in the financial world.

2 thoughts on “E Trade Credit Card Rewards

  1. I was told by a CSR at this rewards website that it doesn’t work with windows (only), and that it is a compatibility issue…which sounds pretty fishy to me. I called on 10-23-09 to have a credit issued to my Etrade CC account and as of this date (01-27-10) have not seen the credit, even though a second call earlier this month was supposed to have alerted Etrade of the problem. It now appears further action will be required, so these reward credits are not free folks…you have to work for them! By the way, I tried to read your Comment Policy but it appears that the link is broken, or maybe doesn’t work with windows (just kidding).

  2. UPDATE: The links to the rewards website within the Etrade CC account pages are no longer working and the rewards site itself (mcrewards.net) is not reachable…so, looks like another one bites the dust!!