Toki Pona: What do you know? Not much. Sona.

I kept translating everything with “knowledge”. I guess some of these could be used as verbs,

  • He does economics
  • ona li sona mani”

Know Thyself

Hmm, at least Socrates might agree with me on these:

  • sona sama–self knowlege
  • sona ken– “knowing one’s limits” (?)
  • sona mi– my knowledge, personal information (?)

Academic Subjects (ologies)

  • sona a — phonology (?)
  • kesi sona — dragonology
  • sona ante– xeno-ology
  • sona ilo — engineering, technical knowledge
  • sona insa — interior design
  • sona jaki — grossology
  • sona jan — humanities, social science
  • sona jo — distribution economics
  • sona kala — ickythology
  • sona kalama– musicology, audiology
  • sona kama– futureology
  • sona kasi– botany
  • sona kili– fruit-ology (?)
  • sona kiwen –Geology?
  • sona ko –Chemistry? Organic Chemistry?
  • sona kon– Meteorology
  • sona kule– Color-logy
  • sona kute — Audiology
  • sona kulupu — Sociology
  • sona lape — Somnology
  • sona mun– planetary astronomy?
  • sona musi– musicology? Recreational science?
  • sona nanpa– math
  • sona nasa– abnormal psychology
  • sona nasin– philosophy, religion
  • sona nena– pornography (study of boobs)
  • sona pali– economics
  • sona lawa — law, political science
  • sona linja — linear algebra
  • sona lukin –vision, optics
  • sona ma — geography
  • sona mama — anthropology (on account of anthropologist being those who study
  • kinship and other things)
  • sona mani — finance, accounting, business, etc
  • sona meli — women’s studies
  • sona mije– men’s studies
  • sona moku– cooking
  • sona moli– black arts (black is a culturally dependent word, which hasn’t been
  • officially addressed)
  • sona nimi– linguistics, grammar, taxonomy, lexicography
  • sona sin– new knowledge
  • sona sitelen– art
  • sona sinpin– knowledge of cosmetic surgery
  • sona sona– epistimology
  • sona soweli– zo-ology
  • sona suno–astronomy?? (helio-ology)
  • sona supa–knowledge of furniture making
  • sona tawa– dynamics
  • sona telo– oceanography
  • sona tenpo– history
  • sona toki– linguistics
  • sona seli– physics of light, thermodynamics
  • sona unpa– porn, reproductive science, sexology
  • sona uta–dentistry
  • sona waso– ornithology
  • sona wawa– physics of energy
  • sona wile– psychology of desire
  • sona pipi– entomology (sp?)
  • sona pilin– psychology
  • sona sijelo– medicine

Ordinary Sounding Words

Finally, something that isn’t an -ology

  • sona ala –ignorance
  • sona ale, ali — omnisescene
  • sona ike — lies? misinformation?
  • sona len — sewing
  • sona lili– administrativia, academic (adj)
  • sona mute– genius
  • sona sewi– religion

Messing things up and knowing how

sona pakala– diplomacy, war (as a subject of study)
sona utala–war

No Clue What These Mean
sona anpa — ??
sona awen –?
sona ijo –??
sona jelo –??
sona lete — ??
sona lipu — ?
sona loje — ?
sona luka –?
sona lupa–??
sona monsi– ??
sona laso –
sona mu–
sona oko–
sona noka–??
sona olin– ??
sona open–??
sona palisa– ??
sona pana–??
sona pimeja–??
sona pini–??
sona poki??
sona pona –??
sona selo– ?
sona seme–??
sona sike–??
sona suli–??
sona suwi–
sona tan– learning?
sona tomo–
sona walo–??
sona wan–??
sona weka– ??

One thought on “Toki Pona: What do you know? Not much. Sona.

  1. Hi, I’ve came across your site and was fascinated by the amount of time and effort you gave to tokipona. And while I do not entirely agree with you on interpretations of some words, I see great value in your essays, and think that it is well worth continuing (who exactly will continue, it is a separate concern :)

    sona anpa = subconcious
    sona awen = memory
    sona ijo = fact
    sona luka = skill

    and I have a different opinion on

    sona sama = same knowledge
    sona mi = my knowledge
    sona ken = understand