Toki pona: Insults

Having finished my post on pleasantries, time for insults. (UPDATED, originally written long ago, update 2011 to fix grammar.)


These are short and simple.

  • jan lili — petty person
  • jan pi sona ala — dummie
  • sona ala — stupid
  • jan ala — a nobody
  • jan ike — vile person
  • jan nasa — crazy person, drunkard
  • jan jaki — slob
  • jan akesi — monster (monster person)
  • ike lukin — evilness of appearance, ugly
  • o moli! — die!
  • o toki ala! — shut up!
  • ? wile pali ala– no desire to work
  • jan li jo e mani ala– poor man (You’d have to use a “sina li e (jan) ni:” sentence to introduce this

Broken, also one of the few invectives mentioned in the unofficial lists.

  • sina li pakala! You screwed it up!
  • lawa sina li pakala! You’re head is broken!

Analogies from foreign languages

  • sina li lupa pi ko jaki! You asshole!
  • sina li moku e jan! You cannibal!
  • o sijelo ike li kama tawa tomo sina! A plague on your house!
  • o ala sama moku ike! Go rot!


  • o tawa ma pi sewi ike! Go to hell!
  • o tawa ma anpa! Go to hell!
  • jan anpa! — devil! (person below)
  • jan pakala! — sinner!

The sexual insults will be dealt with another day.

2 thoughts on “Toki pona: Insults

  1. Wouldn’t “jan sona ala” be “no wise person”?
    I’d translate “dummy” to “jan pi sona ala”

  2. Fix that and a few others mistakes. I wrote that post long ago, I guess I’ve gotten better.