Toki Pona: Essential phrases

I plan to continue to update this with better translations, if you know of a variant, post it it the comments. Thanks.

  • Hello- toki!
  • Good morning- li tenpo suno sin
  • Afternoon- suno li anpa, li tenpo suno anpa
  • Evening — pimeja li kama
  • Hi ! toki!
  • My name is – nimi mi li ____
  • How old are you ? ….
  • Where are you from ? ma sina seme? ma tomo seme?
  • I’m from.. ma tomo mi li ____
  • Are you married ? sina jo e meli/ e mije
  • I’m .. mi jo e meli, mi jo e mije
  • I’m learning your language but do not speak it very well. .. mi sona e toki sina. mi toki ike e toki pona
  • Sorry Sir, I did not understand the word XXX. You see, I’m learning your beautiful language
  • Could you please write this word for me ? o sina ken la sina sitelen e nimi ni tan mi?
  • How do you say that in (name of your target language) ? sina toki kepeken nimi seme?
  • Can you please write it down? Can you please spell it? ken la sina sitelin e nimi ni? ke la sina sitelin e nimi ni kepeken nimi pi lili pini?

[I'm not sure about spell, so I said...(can you write this with words "completely small")]

I haven’t learned how to be polite in toki pona. Grammatical structures for politeness are not universal and as of yet they haven’t been defined in toki pona. I’ll have to write about that sometime in the future.

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