Toki Pona: Pilin, nothing more than feelings!

Ok, how many two word combinations of [word] + pilin or pilin + [word], have reasonably obvious meanings?

pilin is abstract and I passed over some seemingly obvious translations, for example “blue feeling” only makes sense if your mother tongue uses the word blue to mean sad.  So far, the cannon hasn’t defined the cultural connotations for the colors.

pilin is used a lot where one would usually say “think”, but it isn’t one of the official English translations

For some of these words, my first impulse would be to use an “e” phrase instead of a verb modifer, 

 ona li pilin e nasa — He feels/thinks something crazy (nasa is the mental activity he is feeling)

ona li pilin nasa — He’s crazed, (nasa modifies the verb)

There worked out to be three words that look like they mean desire/to desire: pilin ijo, pilin jo and pilin wile

Overall, the list is shorter than when I did the same exercise for plants and fish.  There are just too many words that would be seriously idiomatic or obscure on first sight, like pilin ilo,mechanical feeling –huh?

  • alone- pilin weka
  • analytical- pilin nanpa
  • angry -pilinpakala
  • apathy- pilin ala
  • attentive- pilin kute
  • bloated feeling-pilin kon
  • bored- pilin tenpo
  • burnt out? Accomplished?– pilin pini
  • category: anger/hate/greed/etc– pilin ike
  • combative– pilin utala
  • conflicted– pilin mute
  • confusion? –pilin lukin
  • crazy– pilin nasa
  • depression–pilin anpa
  • desire (for goods)–pilin ijo
  • desire (for goods)– pilin jo
  • desirous (for anything) pilin wile
  • disagreement– pilin ante
  • enraptured –pilin sewi
  • equanimity– pilin sama
  • inspire/inspiration– pilin sitelen
  • fear–pilin moli
  • feeling isolated? gut feeling?– pilin insa
  • feeling oneness–pilin ale, ali
  • friendly (?) pilin jan
  • generous pilin pana
  • greed pilin mani
  • happiness pilin pona
  • horny pilin unpa
  • hungry? pilin uta
  • limerance/limerant pilin olin
  • megalomaniacal pilin wawa
  • montrous feelings pilin akesi
  • motivated pilin pali
  • nostalgia pilin awen
  • of two minds pilin tu
  • open minded?– pilin open
  • playful –pilin musi
  • refresh– pilin sin
  • righteous — pilin nasin
  • sensitive pilin ken
  • sleepy pilin lape
  • talkative pilin toki
  • think pilin lawa
  • to intellectualize pilin sona
  • togetherness–pilin kulupu

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