A Moment of Accountability in Virginia

A one party system has no accountability– no way to punish incompetence.  A two party system has no accountability, unless you want to vote for the alternative: an ideology that you despise.  There is no accountability if the party that opposes your interests is in power with no viable opposition.

I’d far rather an incompetent democratic party in power than a competent republican one.  It is no consolation if the Virginia Railway Express runs on time (which it doesn’t) if the land is ruled by cultural reactionaries.

Today, though, we are at time of accountability for two reasons–primaries season and a rough 50/50 slit in the red/blue demographic split in Virginia.  We have primaries going on, where we can try to pick amongst various people of various competencies of the same ideology.  We have a viable Democratic party in Virginia.

The Senate seat left by Warner is up for grabs. Here’s five things to make government accountable:

Bumper stickers.  Life in Virginia is life in bumper to bumper traffic.  Constantly remind the car behind you what a fine mess the Republicans of Richmond have gotten us into transportation-wise.

Donations. Money is the necessary, but insufficient, fuel for social change.  If you don’t give $20 bucks to your candidate, you can’t really expect to win.

Vote. Turn out ratios subvert the will of the people. The system has been set up to be gamed and if you don’t play, you don’t count.

Vote for Chap Petersen, State Senator from Fairfax.

Vote for for the upcoming Democratic Senator: Mark Warner.  Mark Warner, with solid support from urban, suburban Virginia and illiterate Republicans who really like the name, will take the Senate seat in 2008. 

Blog. My gut feeling is that a single blog entry is worth knocking on 20 doors.  Blogs don’t change minds, but they help with donations and turnout.

Volunteer. There are dozens of ways to get out and socialize. Might as well do something useful, when you are out chatting up the town.

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