Toki Pona: Reduplication

What does reduplication mean in toki pona?

I’m still not sure on what the reduplication rules are in toki pona.  kala kala could be anything.  I just did a quick search on a bunch of toki pona word doubles and I found … nothing.   A few times people used “mute, mute” for emphasis.

Some words have rather different senses in their noun and modifier forms, eg.

meli meli — girly girl  (one describes behavior & style, one describes gender)

Double adjectives strike me as intensifiers, but that is just because I speak English.

suwi suwi — sweet sweet– can’t really say what this means.

ona ti li moku suwi suwi — This is sweet, sweet food.

But you could do the same with “mute”

suwi mute — very sweet

We have interjections with reduplication

a a a — (laughter)

Maybe this will be cleared up in the next official book on toki pona.

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