Toki Pona: Website building

So I’m making a Toki Pona web site.  Will I finish? Well, I sort of have.  I’m hoping each feature I publish will be small and done when it hits the internet.  So far here’s my ambitions plans:

Toki Pona Search
Search the web for toki pona related stuff using toki pona.  DONE.

Toki Pona Dictionary
Look up words in English or Toki Pona.  Not original, but necessary for some future things I want to do.  DONE.

Let the community add new compound words. DONE.  Mostly.  I want people to be able to edit what they’ve contributed before.

Let the community vote on translations and compound words.  DONE. Mostly.   The voting mechanism needs authentication to prevent double voting and other bad behavior.

Toki Pona Community listings. -started
I’m envisioning a community as an event or club, which in turn is just a series of events.  I want to be able to support online and in person events, but I don’t want to re-invent, so I’m probably going to make a link list to Google Calendars.  The irc community appears to be mostly dead because people don’t show up at the same time.  A centralized place for announcing events would help, especially if it was self managing and integrated with existing calendaring applications.

Toki Pona Shopping. –thought about
I’ve no delusions about the commercial potential of a website that has tools for using a constructed language. If I get a commission or two from selling linguistics books via amazon or a T-shirt or two, that’s would be a nice way to off set the cost of the domain name.  I even have the domain name– a sure fire way to make lots of mani mani, a a a! 

Toki Pona Contest. – thought about
And what I am most excited about today is contests.  I have the glimmering of an idea for a contest similar to NaNoWriMo, except it would be a contrived reason to translate Toki Pona for 30 days.  Unlike a mailing list, where it is too easy to get engrossed with discussions about grammar in English, a translation a day community site would be a safe place to spout doubtful and probably poorly formed sentences while working towards mastering college level Toki Pona.  After writing a translation, you would in theory be able to see how other people translated the same text and through pattern recognition and example learn what the community thinks is a likely valid translation.

And it’s all gotta have RSS feeds.  I won’t rest until there is an RSS feed for every feature I implement.

One thought on “Toki Pona: Website building

  1. Hi, Matt!

    The site you give link to appears not to be in operational state,
    however, I am interested in dictionary that you (supposedly) have collected yourself and (maybe) from input of visitors when the site was operational. Is there any chance to look at your tokipona dictionary?

    Thank you!