Gym: Rehabbing the knee

I’ve been working on getting to the gym every other day.  Whilst walking across the parking lot, something broke in my knee, some tendon, ligament, string or rubber band that goes diagonally across the knee started to hurt and I could barely put weight on my leg.  Maybe it’s the PCL ligament. (If you suffer from sympathetic symptoms, i.e. medical student’s syndrome, don’t follow the link)  It is a diagonal and I didn’t fall when I hurt it, I just felt like I might.  

In any case, in an effort to stave off a vicious cycle of injury, dis-use, weakening and re-injury, I’ve been doing 15 minutes of leg work a day with 1/2 normal weights.  So far so good, but still, it’s been two weeks and I kind of wish the pain would just go away.

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