BarCamp DC 2007: I was there

BarCamp is a self organizing conference, in the same way wikipedia is a self organizing encylopedia.

I went to BarCamp, I learned that: Widgets (both the flash, java and Facebook kind) are hot, but don’t have a lot of compelling applications…yet. I learned a new way to do session hijacking. This is a very serious flaw in the security of popular web pages. I learned that OpenId exists–but I already knew that. I learned some tips and tricks for google analytics and for some MS-Office apps. I learned that ruby APIs for telephony (or websites that do telephone stuff, I’m not sure) exist and are remarkably easy to implement. I learned that WoW can potentially be a place for networking on the internet, but the cost of entry is very high, especially in terms of time, although it might be just as high as golfing or hanging out at country club. I also learned that all the hot girls in IT are in the design department, so next job I get will be at an web design firm.

For all this I paid nothing, I got a free raffled book, breakfast, free coffee, free lunch which I turned down because there weren’t enough vegetarian meals, and two free beers. So BarCamp was free as in lunch and free as in beer and free as in a free thinking conference.

Wi-Fi was available, sadly DCHP was not.

Rescue, my Lord of BarCamp, rescue, rescue!
The geek enacts more wonders than a man,
Daring an opposite to every old API:
His wi-fi is encrypted, without which he can’t Skype,
Rescue, fair geek, or else the day is lost!

My kingdom for an IP!

Withdrawl, my lord, there is no DHCP

Oh, well. Sure makes me envy all the folk with mac iBooks. They seemed to be able to get online.

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