Toki Pona: Translating Malglico

Relixification is where you do a ‘dictionary lookup’ translation. All words get replaced by a word of a foreign language, but grammar, community conventions, etc. get ignored.

Malglico is a word that comes from the Lojban constructed language community. It means f*cking-English. Which would translated into Toki-Pona as

  • toki pi toki-Inli unpa — Ironically, this is itself a calcque, sounds like it is talking about sex.
  • toki pi toki-Inli unpa la ona sitelen e toki.
  • li toki e toki pona lon Inli — speaking toki pona in English– doesn’t show disapproval
  • li toki e toki pona lon nimi Ingli sama poka –
  • li pakala e toki pona kepeken poka Inli– breaking toki pona with English forms

It means don’t do word for word translations and don’t try to import English grammatical constructs when existing ones already exist and work just fine.

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