Toki Pona: Mnemonics

Some of these mnemonics are pretty lame and may make it harder than easier to remember the word. Sorry.

ala not/nothing “nothing a la carte for me!”
ale, ali everything “Allah is everything!”
anpa below “The floor is *un*der my dog’s *pa*w”
ante different “The ant, eh, lives differently in Canada”
awen  wait “*Ah when* will the pizza get here? I don’t want to *wait*”
anu or “Do you *a-new* *or* old?”
ike bad “Not okay, it’s ike!”
yaki dirty “What a dirty yak(i)”
jan person “My friend Jan is a person”
jo have “Yo! What’d you got?”
kama get “*Karma* is what you *get* in the next life”
kin also “Uncle bob is *also kin*” (watch out for the pronunciation here,pronounced as keen!)
taso only, but “that’s all”
tawa to, move, give “towards”
lape sleep “My cat likes to *sleep* in my *lap-eh*”
lete cold “It is cold when it is late-eh in the year”
lili small “The *lilly* is a *small* pad”
moli Die, dead, kill You will die if you im*mol*ate yourself.
nasa crazy, drunk, weird NASA sees some wierd stuff, when they are drunk up in space.
oko eye “The oculist can see the future.”
poki box “Put the stuff-i in the box-i”
tomo room, building “The tomb-o had one room-o”
walo white “That wall-o is white-o”
weka gone “I’ll be *gone* when you *wake-uh*”
wile want “Does the king *will* it so?”

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