Social Web Site Review: Facebook

Facebook is kind of like a blog for people who don’t blog. It has a big social resume section, something analogous to a blogroll. It also has something analogous to wordpress plug-ins. You can create a consolidated RSS Feed for all the events being generated by your friends on Facebook.

I think where Facebook is the weakest is in the way you can’t project multiple personas. I don’t want to list in the same resume my personal life and my work life. In my personal life I might be trying to date, but I wouldn’t want that to distract people who are trying to figure out who I am as a programmer.

One thought on “Social Web Site Review: Facebook

  1. But Facebook has its origins in social networking. For your professional persona, you might wish to join more professionally oriented sites, such as LinkedIn.

    Facebook is much more like MySpace than LinkedIn – all of the Facebook plugins are geared toward social interaction, and I think the professional interaction is really tangential to their primary purpose. What made Facebook different was that it wasn’t an ‘open’ forum when it started. You had to be invited. Now it is accepting of much more than just the college members, people are using it for professional purposes, even though that isn’t its strong suit.