My latest favorite web sites are, and XM radio. Without a radio station, it isn’t practical to learn about new music. Without physical CD’s, you can’t be efficient in the legal purchase of music.

Nothing Has Killed the Radio Star

As much as we like to think of our tastes in music as being personal and unpredictable, DJ’s can figure out what songs you are likely to listen to. Listening to random samples of songs on or anywhere else is a waste of time.

XM Radio has human DJ’s with human picked song lists, that generally do a good job of finding music with is going to be broadly popular.

Last FM has machine generated song lists and human-machine tag driven algorithm, that doing a remarkable job of forming playlists that have similar songs. The advantage of Last.FM over XM radio is that you can find obscure artists that might never get on to a human DJ’s play lists.

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