Come on Baja Fresh, Ditch the Trans Fats!

I’m a big fan of Baja Fresh. They are like Taco Bell, but with good food– the lettuce doesn’t taste like rotten leftovers like Taco Bell’s usually does. For a company that is so uncompromising with the quality of their ingredients, I’m bemused why Baja Fresh is sticking with trans-fat oils for their corn chips. From their own website you can see that the items with the most transfat usually have corn chips with them.

Even Wendy’s–the company that used to own Baja Fresh–is ditching the transfats. Transfats are a chemical never before seen in the evolutionary history of man. They damage heart arteries like crazy and might as well be considered a slow poison. Let some other population evolve resistance to high transfat diets and leave me out of it.

One thought on “Come on Baja Fresh, Ditch the Trans Fats!

  1. Wow – I had no idea that Baja Fresh, whose main selling point is that they make your meals fresh (no microwaves, made while you wait), was using trans-fats to cook with. I’ll definitely have to stay off of their corn-chips when I eat there now.