There must be too much stuff going on

I missed a movie today.

It doesn’t seem like this should be a big problem, but it is. It is time for some dramatic changes. Exactly what, I’m not sure.

Lemme see if I can list my projects and see if I’m overburdened:

Work. 9 hours a day, 5 days a week, plus 5 hours commute. Subtracting 8 hours of sleep, that leaves 6 hours for breakfast and the evening, in which to accomplish:

Money. A re-organization of my bank account. So far, I’m kind of ahead. But I have one missed bill, one failed bank transfer, two monthly fees on bank accounts that shouldn’t have a fees. In the end, I’m hoping the hassle will be worth the exercise. When it is all done, my finances should be much simpler and much more profitable.

Family. I’m supposed to be a part time father, which takes some preparation. Being a parent is more than letting a kid live in the house for free and providing baby sitting. Parents have a responsibility to make sure their kids have the resources to grow up and succeed, so that means I’m responsible for creating a program that teaches physical education, math, programming and socialization. All of those are things that the school either don’t deal with explicitly or I don’t think they do good enough a job of it. I’m not at all happy with the amount of structure I’ve been able to add to being a part time Dad.

Survival. Shopping. Cooking. Trying to keep the appartment clean enough to discourage cockroaches from moving in.

Staying Employable. The specific skills I learned in my first five years of working as a computer guy are specifically obsolete. I’m still competent at programming in general, but only as long as I continue to invest time into continuing education. It isn’t cheap time wise. It’s about like being in college continuously, with maybe a 10 credit load. Fortunately, there are not real tests–I’d probably be scraping by. Which isn’t to say the effort is for naught. Real tests rewards knowledge in your head right now and available without research. Real work rewards being able to rapidly find a solution and use it once. Real work is more like a great big open book test.

Stay employable requires finding podcasts, listening to podcasts, finding webcasts, watching them, reading blogs, finding books, reading books and then selling those books so you can afford to buy the next round of books.

Avoiding Mood Disorders aka Socializing. Socializing is fairly expensive timewise. An successful event will use up an evening or one third of a weekend. I tend to do socializing in bursts, where I go to events every other day. Socializing takes time to find events, go to the events and prepare for them. Hosting an event takes a week because that how long it takes to pick up the apartment. Recently, socializing has been severely neglected. I’m semi-active (meaning I show up for some events) at the Unitarian Church, Meetups, a book club. There are some additional one off events, but a single time show doesn’t make one a member.

Fun. Gosh darn it, I’m an American. I demand a substantial amount of leisure activities. Red Dwarf. Stargate. Cooking. Electronic toys. Science Fiction. Learning useless skills–(I want to learn Hindi and maybe Icelandic, too). Writing–sometimes fun, but depending on the topic, it might should be in the mental health column. Travel.

Extended Family. I’ve got my niece’s computer and two nephew’s laptops that I’m working on. The former need repair, the later need configuration. Getting a computer set up so it already has all the useful software you might need is a chore and a half.

Not dieing young. With current trends today, I suspect that I will have to invest some time doing grandpa and maybe great grandpa work. And I doubt anyone will have time to take care of me when I’m a dottering fool. The plan is to not get old, which means lots of trips to the gym, spending time cooking and a certain amount of time keeping up on health research.

Sleep. I don’t know what it is, but getting up in the morning is just a killer. I think I need to use a more obnoxious alarm clock.

Something has to go.

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