Gym Goals & a New Book

I got a new book, Optimal Muscle Training. And just in time, I’ve been in maintenance mode at the gym–just working out enough not to decline much, but not working out intensively enough to progress. I’ve pretty much met and exceeded my goal of fixing my knees. My legs are noticably stronger and I am essentially pain free.

Without being motivated by the fear of pain, I need a new goal. My new goal is to try out this books theories on exercise. So far the gist of the idea is that past soft tissue damage puts upper limits on to my range of motion and maximum weights you can lift. By diagnosing the constraints in range of motion, etc, I now have something to focus on. And the book also has a pre-habilitative bent–it comes with a DVD so I can study the lifting techniques that will prevent future injuries.

I also need to start investing time into cardio. I went on a hike with my son and I got worn out. He still was awake and alert about later that day when I was crashing. Next morning he was up hours before I was. Mental acuity is wasted on the young.

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