Hypothesis about age brackets and singles events

Here is something that needs scientific testing. If someone holds a single’s event and says that everyone will be between age 30 and 40 (men and women), then who will show?

We start with the possibly sexist but probably true assumption that men prefer younger women and women prefer men of thier age or older.

So a guy of age 30 suspects women there will be 31 years or older, since it has already been announced that the youngest guy will be 30. He decides not go.

Another woman 40 years old considering going knows that the 30 old guy, won’t go, so she expects everyone there to be age 31-40. Since she is as old as the oldest guy there, she also decides not to go.

A guy of 31, expecting the above two prospects to follow that reasoning, calculates the age range is 32to 39. He drops out.

And so on. I guess eventually, only 35+ year old men will arrive and 30 to 35 year old women would arrive.

My thinking on the matter right now is a bit fuzzy, but I’m sure simulation with a variety of parameters probably could solve the problem. Or experimentation.

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