Oppenheimer Cares about your privacy, Bank of America Doesn’t

I live in an appartment, I get tons of mail everyday, much of it not for me, but for the last 50 residents of my apartment. Many of these incorrect mailings are financially related–bank statements, pension statements, credit card applications, debt collection dunns, and so on.

I tried marking them “Return to Sender” but the mail man refuses to take them (lazy bastard).

I’ve started emailing some of the senders and kindly asking them to update the address of the previous resident to the return mail address so that the loop can be closed more efficiently.

Steaks of Omaha– no problem.

Bank of America– three requests, they are only capable of sending robo-mail, which ironically has the name of different humans on each response.

Oppenheimer Funds– they agreed to stop sending me some strangers mail! Kudos to Oppenheimer.

I don’t understand why a financial institution wouldn’t stop sending mail to somone upon request from the new resident of an apartment.

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