Website Review: Ebay’s Expensive

The fees for a $1.00 item: 45.25% if you sell it on first listing.

The fees for a $500 item: about 6%.

I, a $1.00 book will run 15%, down to 5% for a $500 item. gives you a shipping reimbursement which is very close to or greater than the shipping and commission.

I don’t understand why any books at all are listed on eBay. It must be the way eBay calculates shipping fees. eBay doesn’t charge a comission on the shipping fees, so if you charge $3.00 to ship a book, then the commission is 10%.

You’d think that the shipping component would confuse sellers and discourage them from listing.

I almost signed up for, but then I noticed they charge $25 per month! Whoa. That is like, for full time book sellers. And their commission is 13%, not all that much less than I’d calculate the break even point but I already know it’s way more books than I ever sell.

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