Review: Rustic Crust

Rustic Crust is a Boboli like pizza crust. It works out to be a relative cheap and easy meal. Unless you buy the $50,000 Rustic Crust pizza from Amazon. And given how hungry I am and that there is one in the kitchen, I might charge more than that myself.

Today I’m preparing it with Don Pepino’s pizza sauce, commodity Whole Foods mozzarella (the really soft kind) and canned mushrooms. My meal was accompanied by Hear Music and Protocolo, a Spanish red wine. Interestingly the reviewer behind the link also chose it to accompany pizza. While others are able to detect “roasted herbs, pepper, and black cherries,” I found a distinctive note of red, and a taste of wine. Honestly, I have no idea why wine experts pick the words they do to describe drinking wine.
As for the crust, it has a short life, I don’t recommend mail ordering it–you run the risk of mold. Likewise, if you buy it at the store, make an effort to consume it that day. Left overs are edible, but a far cry from the out of the oven experience.

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