Boycott Japanese Racists

Until the Japanese government enforces it’s own laws concerning racial discrimination, I’m boycotting all Japanese products, and I will not travel to Japan.

Here is a link to a web site documenting Japanese institutionalized racism.

This is a real bummer because I wanted to get a Hybrid car when it comes time to replace my Saturn. Hopefully either a non-Japanese company will make a hybrid as good as the Honda.

It took South Africa decades to get over their institutionalized racism, it took a hundred years and a civil war for the US to get rid of institutionalized racism and we are still dealing with informal racism. It may be a long time before I can buy Japanese stuff, but it is entirely within the Japanese governments ability to start enforcing their own laws today.

Thanks to BoingBoing for pointing this out.

(I wonder if I can make an exception for Hondas that are built in the US by mostly US labor.)

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