Cooking Classes, Slowly Forming Social Calendar

What a novel way to socialize. Here is one cooking class I wish I could attend.

Last weekend I did make it to a book club (12 angry readers, the name, not the general mood of the attendees) I’ve ordered the book for the next meeting, with luck they seller in Baltamore will get the book to me on time.

Anyhow, I signed up with a cooking class in Arlington–all about brunch. Tomorrow I’m off to the Web Standards Meetup group. I’m signed up for the Ski Chalet Trip at WISP with the UUYA/FX.

I’m not doing poker because Wikipedia has ruined gambling for me. What is social about a zero sum game with absorbing states? Poker is just a very slow and elaborate system for transfering all wagered wealth to a randomly selected participant.

Someday I need to try a games night at my place. Or finish my movie club website. So much socializing to do, so few hours to take care of the bureaucracy that would support it.

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