News: A Cold, Cooking, Movie Watching

I’ve had a cold most of the weekend. I saw the movie Reddick, which I think everyone should see. It is a better story and better graphics than most Star Wars films. Wikipedia recaps the whole story in elaborate detail. Never read a Wikipedia entry on a movie before watching the move–Wikipedia entries tend to be all spoliers, but good for filling in any details that might not have make sense the first time around.

As for the cold, I’ve been using Pseudoephedrine. It works. Interestingly not everyone takes pseudoephedrine and feels like they drank a cup of coffee. I must be special.

Buying Pseudoephedrine is a bit harder than it used to be. It requires showing my drivers license, seeing a real pharmacist, not just a clerk and signing my name to it. It would be hard to casually shoplift it and it would be really hard to buy industrial quantities without the pharmacist calling the cops on you. The manufacture of meth, will move out of Mom and Pop shops to Mexican drug manufacturers, which is fine with me. Each constraint you put on the production of a product makes it more expensive and the quantity that the market consumes. You can’t tell me that drugs is a special case where making it operate outside the formal economy increases the quantity produced. By the same logic, forcing car companies, software companies, and pickle makers to work outside of the formal economy would lead to everyone having twice as many cars, operating systems with fewer bugs and extra jars of pickles on every shelf. Making illegal drugs illegal, that is forcing them into the informal economy reduced the quantity and quality of labor and capital avaiable to that industry and must create shortages of the illegal good. Shortages mean high prices, lower demand and lower total consumption.

The prohibition failed because it was a large established industry with near universal consumption. The prohibition failed to create the institutional changes to make people think that alcohol was really all that illegal. It would be like trying to make bread illegal, in the sense that no one would take the law very seriously.

On the otherhand, as of today, most people believe that the long list of euphorics, stimulants and depresants that are illegal, should be illegal and would not tollerate drug dealing or usage in the employee break room or in an apartement they rented, just because they thought the law on drugs was a farce. Hence, the war on drugs is effective in a way that the prohibition is not. Now the details of law enforment operations is another issue. I would not be surprised if there is petty corruption, waste and inefficiency in the prosecution and detection of drug crimes.

Anyhow, time to take a break from my pseudoephedrine powered blogging and go try to get some sleep, if these little red pills will let me.

One thought on “News: A Cold, Cooking, Movie Watching

  1. I stumbled upon your blog and thought I’d pitch to you an org that I belong to: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. It’s comprised of cops, judges, prosecutors and others in the criminal justice system, as well as concerned citizens, who are all opposed to the War on Drugs We believe that the govt should control the manufacture and distribution of all drugs—not the cartels, criminals and international terrorists.
    Quite a provocative view for cops to take…but who better to explain the issue than the very people tasked with promulgating the policy?

    Mike Smithson
    Speakers Bureau Coordinator
    Law Enforcement Against Prohibition