Saving Money

Some things I’ve done to save money as a middle class family:

Pays off soon
- aggressively cut monthly/annual service bills. If I feel pain, I’ll sign back up
- opened interest bearing savings accounts, picks up a few bucks a year since interest rates are so low
- Slow down shopping in general
- Switch to “free” points based travel & local domestic travel instead of cross country or international
- move more spend into 3%/4%/5% bonus credit cards

One Offs
- paid off credit cards that had been run up due to travel & buying a car
- run lower cash balances in general (which allows for paying off credit card bills)
- sign up for credit cards with bonuses, sign up for new bank with sign up bonus
- Signed up for t-mobile One, which at the moment lets you combine netflix & tmobile into one bill, which in net was cheaper for me. YMMV
- Aggressively cut payroll deductions. I had 1 or 2 that was merely nice to have.

Pays off some day
- Pay off mortgage at at about $50 extra per month.

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