News: Went to Ren Faire

I went to Ren Faire and had a good time, not withstanding anxiety. If I stay at home, I’m calm, but will soon become bone crushingly depressed. If I head out, and try to connect with the community, depending on how hard I’m trying, I’m buried in social anxiety.

Somehow, despite the unwillingness of my various and sundry neurotransmitters to co-operate, I somehow had a memorable experience I would like to repeat someday, albeit with better preparation. I need suitable garb, I need to learn to speak Renfairrish and if I travel in a group, I really got to make sure there isn’t a leadership vacuum on issues like who has to leave first and where everyone can meet up when they get separated from the group. The former problem greatly increases the amount of time spent making sure everyone has a ride and the later makes it too easy for people to get left out. I’m sure the logistics improvements will be well received once they get out of committee.

Today I’m off to a meetup at a the Burma Restaurant (Wahoo! More anxiety, mon, bring it on!)

And I’m going to the gym. And I’m processing my in-boxes in GTD fashion. I’m starting to miss the days before GTD. I got less done, but I had more free time to irresponsibly play games and go skating in the sun.

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