Meet Mr. Waffle

Meet Mr Waffle
Belgiums famous waffle
Chew ‘em up, none to waste
Appreciate the taste

Before there was IHOP
Before there was HOP
Mr Waffle lived at Whole Foods next to the rice
Mr Waffle was transformed
We all gathered round
Stood with our plates so we could be the first

To eat Mr Waffle
Begiums famous Waffle
Raise a glass and sit and chew
Understand the goo

He lost all is limbs
He didn’t need his limbs
He lived at Whole Foods and was expenstive, that too
The world has forgotten
The world moved along
The crowd in the kitchen went off to their schools

Meet Mr Waffle
Eat Mr Waffle
Belgium’s famous waffle
Eat him up, none to waste
Appreciate the taste

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