I went to a trivia night!

I stick suck at smoozing! But I got a few questions. Trivia night just does so much for people who want to be valued for all those facts they’ve been cramming into their heads.

An optimal trivia night is showing up with half a team and then either grabbing people or merging with another small team. If you are a competent smoozer you can show up alone and entertain yourself building a team of the best looking people.

All in all, I give myself a few points for getting out of the apartment.

I also went on a bike ride up Rock Creek Park in DC. The southern half of the bike trail is too narrow, loud and dangerous. The northern part, from the Zoo up to and including Beach Park Drive is a fantastic trail, and mostly safe, although there are a few sections that are mind boggling dangerous. If you do brave the southern half of the Rock Creek trail, you intersect with the bike trail at the canal. The bike trail for the canal is very pretty & quaint. The canal trail is a bit tricky because it switches sides from time to time and I found myself detoured into Georgetown, which is busy enough to be unsafe for bicyclists.

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