Bill Monk

I’ve opened a Bill Monk account. Apparently it is a way to track book lending (plus other forms of lending amongst friends and family)

I haven’t quite figured out if I need to get my friends to join Bill Monk or if I need to make friends of people who are already inthe Bill Monk system. I think there already is a website for lending money to strangers on the basis of an ebay type reputation tracking system. *(Update– Bill monk doesn’t match people who want to buy, barter or borrow, it just helps keep track of the accounting.)

The book angle is a bit like a short loop book ring. A book ring is where a person solicits a list of people who want to read a book he has and then the readers ship and read the book along the list and possibly, someday the loop finishes and the original book owner gets his well worn book back. Book rings are more shipping cost efficient, but reduce the odds that you will ever get your book back.

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