A Geek Reads

Like usual, I am more excited about the idea of reading than reading. In fact, I’ve probably wasted more time downloading different book readers, eBooks, tracking down public domain books, figuring out how to format them for all my various screens than reading recently.


If the book costs lots of money, check here first, especially if it is about 1-3 years old. Newers books at half.com cost the same as Amazon.com and older books are probably available at the library.


This is a book swap site. Books on Half.com have a minimum price, so buying (or selling) pulp fiction at Half.com isn’t cost effective. I haven’t tried to mooch yet, but I’m excited about the idea.

Chain Reading

This is kind of a social website where the main interaction is, “Whachareadin?” While half of the edges of the website are rough, some of the edges have a nice polish. There are definately not enough members on it yet. Chain reading can’t really compete with some of the similar features offeredon Amazon.com.

And there is even more stuff I haven’t had time to write about:




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