How to Prepare to go to the Gym: a List


Gym Bag

Weight lifting gloves–the ones without fingers

Lock with numeric key

Not necessarily clean cloths to wear in–it’s going to be soaked in sweat in a few minutes anyhow

Clean set of cloths to wear out

Flip flops–for showers

Sound canceling headphones, Media Player, suitable media. If the gym play music, then suitable media would be audio books. If the gym is quiet, then music or audio books. I think more exercise regimens fail for being boring that for other reasons.

Reading material–if it is cardio-day

Accounting materials–If you are trying to keep track of what you did

Towel(s)–one for wiping off gym equipment, one for the shower. This is just like in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

House keys

Gym card, money or a ruber mask in the image of a dues paying member–what ever it takes to get past the front deskperson.

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