Food Stamp Diet- Prep week #… what five or six?

So I’ve been preparing for food stamp week for like forever. Advice so far:

Soak your beans on Friday. Cook them on Saturday. Turn them into curry, soup, and burritos on Sunday. Store beans in fridge in a tall pitcher to save space.
Cook two kinds of beans if you can get away with it.
To make sunflower seed milk, make sunflower seed cream (~1 cup per 3 cups hot water), then dilute it as needed. Use for cooking, not for drinking straight.
Buy a variety of breakfast cereal grains in small quantities, ie. a cup each of farina (wheat), grits (corn), oatmeal. I use the sunflower seed cream + some water to make cereal in 2 day batches.

For lunches take a grain (rotate among rice, millet, etc) and a curry (beans + spice + fat + whatever veggie– coconut oil for thai flavor).
Or a wrap– burritos if you have black beans, hummous wrap if you have chick peas.
Or chickpea sandwich (mixed with sushi seaweed- expensive but taste better, or dulse– cheap and gives it an ocean flavor)

I learned the cheapest source of caffeine is pill form at a penny per dose when you buy a two or three month supply at

Hardware you need to be comfortably poor:

A fridge. Gotta cook in bulk or you can’t work your day job, too.
A blender. One of the glass jar. About $20-$30
Pitchers. They hold the beans in the fridge. Cheap.
A big pot for soup, a small pot for porridge, frying pan for curries.
Glass jars to hold your grains, beans, etc.

Next…what food, vitamins and exercise will prophylactically make up for not having health insurance? (Might as well simulate that too!)

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